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Pastor, Dr. Louise Forshe   She received her master degree in Social Work.  Later she received her doctorate degree in Christian Counseling   Pastor Forshe has been in counseling since November of 1985. 
1999 She wrote her first copyrights manuscript "SHE CALLS GOD DADDY"  to be used by pastors, counselors, and leaders with residents in mind. It was edit and public in 2016.
2000 She became the overseer of Louise Forshe Ministries an important part of the ministry is to give food, clothes, and some scholarships to the needy.  As well as improving lifestyles by giving conference and seminars in the community. Visit our facebook Ministries Louise Forshe for more details.
2001 Pastor Forshe received her license to Preach The word of God June 3.   
2003 Pastor Forshe started  teaching basic Bible Class for adults and children on the Louise Forshe Ministries Website in  English, Spanish and Polish.
She also completed a seven year program of studying the Bible through Bible Study Fellowship International.
2004 Pastor Forshe was ordained.
2004 Pastor Forshe said yes to God's assignment to start a non-denominational church which God named: The Church of Louise Forshe Ministries.  He allowed Pastor Forshe to add Living Water to the title. 
2004-2005 The constitution was written and the church received their tax exempt and 501c(3) status.  The church consisted of ten members and they formed seventeen active ministries plus nine overseas ministries; plus a church website.

Living Water Church first location to have a church Igliesa De Dios 7th Dia where Pastor Miguel Gonzalez  is pastor  They  open their doors to us.
***A special thanks to Igliesa De Dios 7th Dia of Elgin for all your  help since 2004 to 2015.*****
2004-2010 She became one of the volunteers  Chaplain of the Elgin Police Department.
2005 The church was able to feed the hungry several times and gave services with a meal for the homeless.
2006 God said, the church wouldn't grow until Pastor Forshe learned to speak, pray, and praise God in four other languages Spanish, Polish, French, and Swahili.
2007 January of this year she preached her first Bilingual sermon in English and Spanish.  December of this same year she preached her first Bilingual sermon in English and Swahili.
2008-2010 Pastor Forshe continued to learn and develop in the above languages.  She learned to preach in Polish and praise God in French.
2011 At the second year  Leadership Seminar fourteen women were ordained as Esther and Pastor Forshe became an ordained Queen Esther because she was able to keep the church and ministries through many trails and tribulations. She also started making videos on You Tube.  She has made 39 videos in different languages and 11 private teaching videos.
2012 Pastor, Dr. Forshe developed Bible Teaching Website by Pastor Forshe  It is a teaching ministry where she is teaching in five different languages such as English, Spanish, Polish, French and Swahili.
She also has a Radio program called Pastor Louise Forshe Show on
2012-2013The church was able to participate and helped sponsor Martin Luther King Day with the city of Elgin by donating food and was one of their volunteers for their Youth Day Program. Visit our facebook church.Living Water for more details.
May of this year the Life Center gave a Mother's Day
 Program for all the mothers and Pastor Forshe was the speaker. Pastor Forshe has been working with the Life Center for the past twelve years and 98% of the  their clients are women and they are Latinos.

She is their Seminar Leader for  their seminars and she has worked with other Latinos groups in the past in the Elgin Community as she learns the Spanish language.
  4/2015  Pastor Louise Forshe started attending Willow Creek Church on and off in Barrington, IL where Pastor Bill Hybels is pastor.  As of October of 2015,  she has been attending weekly.