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                                  Friday August 19, 2011
                                  Viernes 19, de Agosto 2011    
Esther and God's Very
                Special Guest                
                     Ordaination of Esther and        Encourgement for God's Special Guest. 
                            One of God's Very Special Guest
      and Pastora/Pastor Louise Forshe who is Queen Esther.
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Leadership Seminar/Seminario de Liderazgo 8-19-2011
Pastor/Pastora Louise Forshe Queen Esther Remarks that day. Reina Ester Comentarios que se dia.
 During a time in Pastor Louise Forshe life, when she was being tested 2005--2008, God gave her a list of 37 ladies names.  God said each of these ladies are an Esther. Each lady will carry the  Esther's spirit from the Bible.  Then God gave her permission to ordain each ladies in 2011, during our Leadership Seminar.  Pastor Louise Forshe asked each ladies to go in prayer and seek the Lord for herself and see if God tells each lady the same as he told Pastor Louise Forshe.  Fourteen ladies were ordained that day.  Pastor Forshe believes others will hear from the Lord at another time or they will hear it again from some one else that God puts in their path.   Each lady was asked to wear all white during the service that day.              
God told Pastor Louise Forshe that she was Queen Esther because she completed her assignment with the Lord.  Her assignment was to keep the physical church that He had named The Church of Louise Forshe Ministries and God allowed Pastor Forshe to add Living Water to the name. During this time period God gave her another assigment that concerned the church, she had to learned to preach, pray, and praise God in four other different languages which are Spanish Polish, French, and Swahili, before He would allow the church to grow.
The assignment also included keeping Louise ForsheMinistry which is separated from the church which is a community service.  It was the same time period that she was being tested.  It was the grace and mercy of God that she was able to complete these assignments.
The 14 ladies that were ordained and will become queen when they complete their assignment as an Esther.  The ladies were ordained were from different nationalities.
God's Very Special Guest were ladies that God had given Pastor Forshe another list.  They were apart of the service that day to acknowledge  God's special guest.  God told Pastor Forshe that there assignment was to seek God's Face and ask him what would He have them to do at this time.      
There were 7 ladies acknowledge that day. These ladies were from all different nationalities as well.
  The colors for Esther- White and Gold
   El colores para Ester - Blanco y Oro
  God's special guest - Purple and Gold
   Invitado especial de Dios -Morado y Oro